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Welcome to Samriddhi Mantra Financial Planners, where we are dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve Financial Freedom and keeping Health & Wellness in Centre Point since 2005. We specialize in providing personalized financial planning services that encompass both Health and Wealth aspects of your life. 

Our team of experienced financial advisors understands the importance of having a comprehensive financial plan that not only ensures a secure financial future but also promotes overall wellbeing. At Samriddhi Mantra Financial Planners, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly.  We believe in the philosophy of Planning for the certainties of our life so that you can enjoy life to the fullest with complete peace of mind.

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Dipak Kumar Singh

is a Certified Financial Planner from the Financial Planning Standard Board of India, M.B.A. in Finance, Commerce Graduate, and Licentiate in Life Insurance from the Insurance Institute of India. 

He has 17 Years of experience in the Financial Services sector primarily the personal finance sector and corporate training.

Dipak is on a Mission of "Helping people realize their Financial Goals by maximizing the efficiency of the financial resources available with them"

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Life is beautiful. Financial Planning lets us enjoy it.

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